Beer Wall

Fewer Lines and More Choices at the Athentic Brewing Company “Beer Wall” make for a fantastic Tasting Room Experience.

We will have up to 24 self-serve taps with your favorite Athentic Beers and you can do the pouring. Try a taste or a full pint – the choices are all yours.

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Step One: Open a Tab & Get a Card

Open a tab by presenting a credit card and driver’s license and you will be assigned a RFID beer card and a tasting glass. You can select a pre-pay or post pay beer card.

Pre-pay cards are required for cash purchases.

If you want a more customized experience, you can download our smart phone App that pairs with your personal beer card for a variety of interactive capabilities.

Click here to download the Beer Card App.

Step Two: Choose Your Beer

Explore the beer options at the displays and then choose the one to try. If you need help with making a selection or want to know more about the beer or the self-serve taps you can ask one of our friendly beer ambassadors.

Step Three: Pour Beer

Place your card at the reader, your glass under the tap and pull the tap handle (it is that easy).

Fill your glass with the amount of beer that you want and then remove your card from the reader.

The tablet will display exactly how much was poured (by the ounce) and will track your tab.

To comply with legal requirements, to ensure the safety of our customers and a good experience for everyone, beer cards must be reactivated after 32 ounces have been poured. The beer ambassadors can reactivate the beer cards once sobriety has been assessed.