Mark holding google postcard

The New Google Postcard is Here – the Athentic Brewery is Somebody Now!!!

Athentic Brewing Company

Believe it or not – for Google to officially recognize you as a business, they send you a post card in the mail to confirm your address. Somehow it seems like the ultimate oxymoron; for the one of the biggest tech companies in the world to rely on a postcard and U.S. mail service to …

Athentic Brewing Company Athens GA

‘Athentic’ What’s Behind the Name…? Apparently Quite a Bit!

Athentic Brewing Company

Back in 2014, Mark Johnson, Rob Flakus and I were sitting around the brew kettle waiting for the boil to finish and we got to pondering what to call ourselves as homebrewers. Someone said “How bout Kudzu Brewing Company” and we all stopped and said, “Hey, that sounds pretty good”.  The more we said it …

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