Not Your Average Mother’s Day

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Athentic!

Food By Uncle Ernie’s, henna tattoos with mom from Painted Expressions, chocolate by Condor Chocolates, and self defense class by members of AKF Athens Martial Arts (scroll down to learn more about this!).

To top it off, a raffle benefiting The Cottage with donations by from Lois Songster, Natalie’s Baked Goods, HGH Designs, International Grill and Bar, Maslouhi, Pop’s Socks, Very Good Puzzle, Lexx Janelle’s Tasty Sweets, House Electric, Oscar Dog Bites, Geek in Stiches, Opa Robby’s Market, Careaway Cakes, Sparkle and Bright Cleaning, Flowers and Stars, A Small Green Footprint, and more! Tickets are $5 and this is a raffle you want to go big on!

Let’s talk about the self defense class for a minute. This class is free but donations are encouraged and will be given entirely to The Cottage. There will be a lecture component and a hands on component. Because of the hands on component, you must register with a partner for the class. Teachers will be demonstrating the movements and be providing feedback, but will not touch participants. Participants will be asked to sign a waiver. Teachers will be available for questions after the class. Please RSVP for this class below. Spaces are limited. Each RSVP counts as 2 people (therefore, you only need to RSVP once for each 2 person group)