Live Music: Katalysst

We are excited to have live music on the patio! This time, we welcome Katalysst! Based in California, Katalysst is a progressive folk rock duo that ushers in a new age of “woke folk” for all generations. Endowed with vocal finesse and literary inspired lyrics, Katalysst interweaves memorable melodies upon thoughtful motifs calling back the soul and edge behind the protest songs of the 1960’s.


Live Music: Alma Russ

Athentic is pleased to have Alma Russ play on the main stage. A singer/songwriter out of Western North Carolina, she plays “patchwork music”: country, folk, & Appalachian styles pieced together. She enjoys playing guitar, banjo, & fiddle, and was an American Idol Contestant season 16.

Pilsners on the Patio

Join us March 6th from 12 to 6pm and celebrate with your neighbors the coming spring with amazing spring beers- Pilsners!

We will have a craft fair with 20 vendors, live performances by members of Canopy Aerial Arts, live music on the inside stage, food vendors, and dog adoptions with Madison Oglethorpe Animal Shelter. We will also be releasing 2 new pilsners for this event! Mark your calendars!

This event is in conjunction with the Georgia Craft Brewer’s Guild day. A specialty 16 ounce heat treated full color glass will be available for purchase at this event and will be sure to become a collector’s keepsake.

Line Dancing Class

You know what type of dancing is the best while social distancing? Line dancing! As Wikipedia says, “Line dances are choreographed dances with a repeating series of steps that are performed in unison by a group of people in lines or rows, most often without the dancers making contact with one another. All the dancers performing a line dance face the same direction and perform the steps at exactly the same time.” How perfect is that?!

Join Christelle Duncan and learn how to do a variety of line dances. No experience needed. Ticket price includes a $5 tab. After the lesson, we will be continuing the fun with a dance party!

Avery Deakins

Live concert on the patio with Avery Deakins!

Every so often, a familiar song can feel like the first time again. In the classically trained voice of Athens-based guitarist Avery Deakins, the souls of classic rock and country legends are paid a suitable tribute. Within the passionate yet disciplined delivery of inspired vocals, accompanied by recklessly tasteful layers of acoustic rhythms and hard-hitting electric solos and heavily influenced by such iconic artists as Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, The Band, and more, the spirit that once defined the frontiers of rock and roll music is reprised, renewed and reborn.

Kip Jones

Live on the patio is Kip Jones! Come join us for an evening of music.

Kip Jones is a singer/songwriter who has been writing and performing songs from all genres and is one of today’s most versatile performers. Kip grew up in a musical family and began singing as soon as he could talk. His originals range in style from country to rock and even a touch of reggae. Kip plays motown, country, rock, blues and more. He uses loops in his live shows when playing solo to give the audience the experience of listening to a band.