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Erin Windham-Hill

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Erin Windham-Hill

Events Manager

Pronouns: all

Zodiac sign?

Gemini sun, Gemini moon, Scorpio rising

Fun fact?

Fun fact about myself: I stick and poked my own tattoo sleeve

General fun fact: A group of rhinos is called a crash

Favorite Athentic beer ever?

Violet’s Folly and Double Dawg

Favorite album(s)?

Fleetwood Mac – Rumours

The Postal Service – Give Up

Phoebe Bridgers- Punisher

Jason Isbell – Southeastern

If you were an animal, you would be a…?

Penguin. A fuzzy baby penguin

What job did you want when you were 5?


If you were to die in a video game, what 3 items would pop out?

Crochet hook, flannel shirt, probably a cat

Who would you cast to play yourself in a movie all about you?

McCauley Culkin