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Welcome to Athentic Brewing Company and thanks for visiting our website. As we are working to get our brewery off the ground, please join us here for updates on the brewery and general ramblings about our love for craft beer. We look forward to meeting everyone in person and introducing you to our line-up of Athentic beer. Cheers!

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Cheers to the Revolution

By supporting craft microbreweries, like Athentic Brewing Company, you are a true revolutionary! You want – no – dare I say, you demand more full-flavored beer, more beer choices and most importantly you insist that the beer you are drinking is brewed locally by small independent craft brewers. A revolution is defined literally as a …

Athentic Selfie Art Show

Athentic Selfie Art Show Contest

Athentic Brewing Company is excited to open Fall 2019. In celebration of our opening weekend, and first few months, we are sponsoring an art show called “Athentic Selfie.” This show is celebrating the authentic nature of our beer, our company values, and the people who make the community so great. Pictures can be oil, watercolor, …

The founders at Brew Fest

My Naughty Little Pet- Part 2

In our prior post about our Wee Heavy Scottish Ale, “My Naughty Little Pet” (Part I), we had just concluded a very long brew day brew day and the Edinburgh Yeast was added to the freshly brewed wort. Let’s start from there. It is said that brewers make the wort and the yeast make the …