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Welcome to Athentic Brewing Company and thanks for visiting our website. As we are working to get our brewery off the ground, please join us here for updates on the brewery and general ramblings about our love for craft beer. We look forward to meeting everyone in person and introducing you to our line-up of Athentic beer. Cheers!

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My Naughty Little Pet- Part 1

In preparation for the 2019 Classic City Brew Festival (April 7th at the Cotton Press, Athens GA), we wanted to brew something that had some significant heft; deep flavors and a decent alcohol presence. Afterall, the Classic City Brew Fest is rated as a Top 20 US Beer Festival for Beer Geeks (by Connoisseur Magazine). …

What is your favorite beer?

“So….What’s your favorite beer?” This is a pretty common question that Mark and Paul, the founders, have gotten over the years. But it is not as simple a question as one would think. Their tastes in beer have humble beginnings and has significantly evolved over the ensuing years. They were certainly around when craft beer …

Mark holding google postcard

The New Google Postcard is Here – the Athentic Brewery is Somebody Now!!!

Believe it or not – for Google to officially recognize you as a business, they send you a post card in the mail to confirm your address. Somehow it seems like the ultimate oxymoron; for the one of the biggest tech companies in the world to rely on a postcard and U.S. mail service to …