What’s On Tap and To-Go

Last updated on June 2nd, 2023

“Beer is beautiful. Beer blends art with science and passion with creativity. Beer creates conversation and causes change. Beer is love.”

Lagers & Lighter Sips

Crisp, clean and refreshing.

Floodgate Lime

Rice Lager | 4.5% ABV

What would a perfect Cinco de Mayo beer taste like? Crisp, clean, drinkable, with the perfect amount of lime. No gimmicks, no cliches, just taste. This answer inspired our rendition of Floodgate Lime. A spin on an old favorite created in celebration of Cinco de Mayo.

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Rice Lager | 4.5% ABV

Are you looking for a crisp, clean, and light-bodied easy drinking beer? Floodgate, our rice lager, is for you. Floodgate is the perfect gateway beer for folks just entering the craft beer scene and also for craft beer nerds who are looking for something a little lighter. 

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Athens Resonates (To-Go Only)

Vienna Lager | 5.5% ABV

‘Athens Resonates’ is a light bodied, crisp and refreshing Vienna Lager brewed in collaboration with our friends at none other than ‘Athens Resonates’.  ‘Athens Resonates’ was released and featured at our inaugural Normaltown Music Festival to support both Nuci’s Space and The Boys and Girls Clubs of Athens. Art Credit Promotional Artwork and ‘Athens Resonates’...

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Maibock | 6.5% ABV

Good things are worth the wait, right? GOAT is our take on a traditional German Helles Bock that we brew in the fall and release in the spring. Maibock, or May Bock, are malt forward and easy drinking lagers that complement any spring day.

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IPAs and Pale Ales

Try our classic hop-forward beers and a few surprises too!

Double Dawg

Double IPA (DIPA) | 8.7% ABV

Double Dawg is a double IPA made in celebration of the Georgia Bulldog’s Football Team – winning the Natty, not just once, but twice! Chocked full of Simcoe, Mosaic and Cascade hops this DIPA is smooth, distinguished and absolutely delicious. Double Dawg is one helluva beer, so y’all come get it before the staff drinks...

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Ryed or Die

Rye IPA | 6.4% ABV

Ryed or Die has enough rye malt to not leave a question if this is a Rye IPA. The traditional grainy spiciness of rye contrasted with a mix of Nelson Sauvin, Mosaic, and Simcoe Hops creates the perfect combination of light bitterness, hop aroma, and smooth mouthfeel. Share a pint with your own ‘Ride or...

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Wide Open

IPA | 6.8% ABV

‘Wide Open’ IPA was created in partnership with Visit Athens, the destination marketing organization of Athens Georgia and takes inspiration from the new ‘Visit Athens’ branding and visual identity which honors the creative energy and welcoming atmosphere of Athens. The refreshed brand and new tagline “We’re Always Open”, highlights Athens as a hub of curiosity...

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Luxury Model

Hazy IPA | 6.5% ABV

Who says fancy can’t be simple? Luxury Model is just barley and oats with a bunch of Citra hops thrown at it. The result, though, is a beautiful Hazy IPA with a luxurious creamy mouthfeel and bursting with citrus flavor and aroma.

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Trail Hopper (To-Go Only)

Pale Ale | 5.5% ABV

‘Trail Hopper’ Pale Ale is a collaboration brew with the Sandy Creek Nature Center Inc. in celebration of their 50th Anniversary. Sandy Creek Nature Center, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit that was founded in 1973 and partners with Athens-Clarke County to support, promote, and protect the environmental education and preservation efforts of Sandy Creek Nature...

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Escape Button

Tropical IPA | 6.8% ABV

Ride the wave of Citra, Amarillo and Mosaic hops that creates this tropical, juicy IPA. Escape Button is always here just like a good friend. So, next time you need a break or an escape from the day-to-day, we’ll pour one for you!

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Sours and Tart Beers

Fruited or Funky - Sours Bring A Wonderful Array of Flavors

Don’t Say Gooseberry

Berliner Weisse | 4.6%

Don’t Say Gooseberry is a deliciously fruited Berliner Weisse packed full of gooseberry goodness. 10% of all beer sales go towards Athens Pride Queer Collective and their dedicaion to the advancement of equity, affirmation, diversity, and wellness of queer populations in the greater Athens area by working with historically marginalized communities through outreach, social connection,...

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Gather ‘Round Cherry

Mixed Fermentation Sour Ale in Wine Barrels | 8.3% ABV

For the sake of getting *wild* back in 2021 we picked up four merlot wine barrels from Yonah Mountain Vineyards to fill with a Golden Ale. Gather ‘Round Cherry is the second barrel selected to debut in the Athentic Taproom. Gather Round spent 14 months resting in the barrel and then received a plentiful helping...

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Pinky Swear

Strawberry Rhubarb Berliner Weisse | 4.5%

‘Pinky Swear’ is an incredible, fruited Berliner Weisse – bursting with fresh strawberry and rhubarb fruit purees to usher in the summer, made for a hot day when you want something refreshing and sweet. It’s extra juicy with a little forehead kiss of tartness. Think of a backyard cookout, red and white gingham picnic table...

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Darker Brews

Beers with a maltier backbone

Bosom Buddies – New Release!

Brown Ale | 5.4% ABV

‘Bosom Buddies’ was brewed in collaboration with Nanci Nix and enhanced with Nanci’s own amaretto extract.  The amaretto extract compliments the maltiness of the brown ale with a very light almond essence and slight sweetness. If this was not enough – we prepared a separate cask of Bosom Buddies and further embellished with Nanci’s Lavender...

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Hogan’s Brew

Brown Ale | 5.5% ABV

Beers are always better when hanging out together! A good buddy is always a plus and Hogan’s Brew is an homage to a “very good boy”. Hogan, was always a great homebrew companion to Mark on many weekend brewing days. Cheers to Hogan!

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Dark Horse

Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout | 10% ABV

An Imperial Stout that we aged for 6 months in freshly emptied Belle Meade Bourbon barrels. Deep bitter sweet chocolate as it warms, lending to a subtle bourbon barrel finish. Thicc and Rich!! This is a great beer to drink during the colder months or for that matter, any time of the year. 

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Upright Hermit

Dry Irish Stout | 3.8% ABV

Our “baby stout”, Upright Hermit is an easy drinking low abv stout packed with deep roasted and chocolate flavors with a dry finish. We love dark beers and Irish traditions here at Athentic, so we keep this beer on all year round.

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Brewers Brunch by Athentic

Pastry Stout | 8.5% ABV

Athentic’s Brewer’s Brunch is a Pastry Stout inspired by the classic Mexican hot chocolate. It’s got a harmonious profile of cinnamon and chocolate that’s contrasted with spicy peppers (grown by Athentic’s very own Head Brewer, Derek). It is a little spicy, a little sweet, and completely delicious! Pairs beautifully with Akademia’s Brewer’s Brunch, or just...

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Brewers Brunch by Akademia (To-Go Only)

Imperial Brown Ale | 8.5% ABV

Akademia’s Brewer’s Brunch is an Imperial Brown Ale that reminds you of that perfect bite of breakfast pancakes. Bright strawberries are at the forefront, followed by sweet maple syrup and vanilla while roasted flavors of sweet chocolate and espresso round it out. It’s the perfect beer to enjoy alongside its other half made by Athentic,...

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Old Ward (Barrel Aged) To-Go Only

Barrel Aged Barleywine | 11.0%

Athentic’s Old Ward, barleywine was created with 100% 2-row barley (no adjuncts) and boiled for 24 hours on our direct fire brew system. After fermentation was complete, we then aged it for 10 months in Belle Meade Bourbon Barrels that previously contained our Imperial Stout, Dark Intentions. The result was a blend of the best...

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Hard Seltzer, Slushy and Shandy

For those who would like to try a refreshing alternative to beer.

Theorectical Fizzics: Blueberry Hard Seltzer

Hard Seltzer | 4.4% ABV

Delight your tastebuds with Athentic’s bubbly and refreshing blueberry hard seltzer or combine with our lemonade slushy and get ready for summer!

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Non Alcoholic Lemonade Slushy

Non Alcoholic Slushy

1/2 Lemonade Slushy and 1/2 house Lemonade Seltzer. So refreshing on a hot summer day!

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Melee Weapon

Hibiscus Lemonade Hard Slushy | 7.0%

Melee Weapon, created in reverence to the countless childhood summers Bri spent drinking Jamaica in California, is Athentic’s newest slushy addition. This frozen hibiscus lemonade walks the line perfectly between sweet and sour, but packs quite the punch!

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