We craft beer that celebrates the flavors and styles of clean, refreshing beers without relying on gimmicks and fads.

Our mission is to celebrate our roots, enjoy the present, and cultivate a beer community based on quality products and neighborhood involvement. We dedicate ourselves to being authentic to our city and to work hard to create the types of beers Athens deserves.

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Celebrate our Roots:

What started as a fun activity with a church group in 2011 for cofounder Paul Skinner soon became an ever-captivating hobby which ultimately pulled in cofounder Mark Johnson and their families. As homebrewers, they operated under the name Kudzu Brewing Company and participated in competitions, served to small groups, and developed the core recipes used today at the brewery. 


Enjoy the Present:

It’s not easy to open a brewery in Georgia. Then, there is the actual building of a brewery that takes time and perseverance. But Paul and Mark have never wavered from their goals and built the brewery of their dreams: A true microbrewery that is a community  meeting spot open to everyone. Their hard work has  made everything possible and we never take it for granted. Everyday we celebrate the ability to live a dream.


Cultivate a Beer Community:

Athentic Brewing is in the heart of Normaltown in Athens, GA. With this wonderful location, we are within walking and biking distance to many neighborhoods, restaurants, businesses, and parks. Therefore, we work everyday to bring the community together through events and service. Your support helps us remain committed to our goals.

Learn about our code of conduct here.