Looking Forward but Remembering the Past…

There is a large milestone looming in the close future as next week, at the time of this writing, anyway, our production team is scheduled to brew our 200th batch of beer. What’s it going to be? You’ll likely find out soon, but we’re pretty excited about it and tipping our cap to some classics for sure.

Of course, over the last two years’ worth of brewing there have been a lot of learning moments, changes to the process, and continual innovation of ways to create better and better beer each week for you, the drinker. From the Stouts to the IPAs to the Lagers and Seltzers, it’s always exciting to watch the process unfold from fermenter to eventual glass. Some hiccups have happened, as they do everywhere, and some batches’ journey gets cut short. As tough as that is, it’s all for the beer of good beer.

Summer Learning and Celebrating

This Summer had its share of memorable moments to say the least. For starters, our 2nd Anniversary celebration took place and we had an awesome weekend of special releases and good times with everyone who came out to support. Two of the releases, Old Ward BBA Barleywine and Gather Round Mixed Fermentation Ale, are still available in bottles to-go.

We hosted all the bands and events that you know about, but we also took the better part of a week to host two Clarke County Educators as part of an externship where educators were paired with a variety of local businesses to see the ins-and-outs of operations. It was really enjoyable to have them in house for a few days, because they got to know the brewers and could see the variety of backgrounds that can lead to this industry. Hopefully, they had a great time, learned some details of this industry and will pass the information along to their students about craft beer being a viable career path.


Random Visitor

Also, turtle. This little fella popped up one morning and scared our assistant brewer about half to death. Maybe it got lost on the way to Terrapin? Who knows. Either way, it was returned to the woods and is a funny highlight of summertime around the brewery.