Best in Show

Berliner Weisse | 5.2%

This ain’t your Nana’s blueberry pie. Let’s introduce a beer so good we just had to give it the name “Best In Show”, our newest Berliner Weisse for all you sour fans out there!

Best In Show is heavily fruited with blueberries that give it a touch of sweetness and then a little dash of lactose for a smooth mouthfeel. We can’t help but swoon at how these brews have such vibrant colors that lure you in— imagine in the cartoons where you smell a pie cooling on a windowsill, then find yourself lifted in the air and floating towards it. The taste is as close to your Nana’s pie as we could make it.

And fun fact, did you know the number one fruit harvested in Georgia ISN’T peaches, but is blueberries? The state of GA also ranks somewhere between 3rd-6th place in the running for most blueberries harvested in the US!

The best part about it? It’s available in cans. We’ve only ever canned 2 other sours before this, so we’re stoked to be able to offer more of this style to-go for the folks who want to enjoy them outside of our taproom.