Black IPA | 8.3% ABV

Just like its name says, it’s a beer that defies the rules while at the same time providing a perfect combination of distinctly different flavors. If opposites could attract, this is your beer. Dark malt in this IPA leads to a toffee malt flavor that is complemented by the resinous, citrusy flavor from Cascade hops with a lingering bitterness to balance that initial sweetness.

If you’re not familiar with this style, you’re not alone. Compared to some styles, this brew is a neonate as it became popular in the Pacific Northwest in the ’90s, and then took off in small corners of the craft beer industry. Black IPAs are made using darker malts usually reserved for porters or stouts and include a hefty amount of domestic hops typically found in an American IPA. These beers are notorious for three things: hops, body, and impact. It’s safe to say we ticked all three boxes with Insubidience.

Pronounced in•suh•bee•dee•uhns