Working at the Athentic Brewing Company will give you the opportunity to be part of a team dedicated to craft beer and crafting good times. As part of the Athentic Team, you will enjoy competitive pay, paid time off, free beer* and as much flexibility in your work schedule as possible. As we grow into a successful brewery, we will always look for more opportunities to keep you engaged and satisfied with your job and career growth.

We are looking for diverse candidates that will work hard and work smart. Yes – we will use your brain power! We will start small, so everyone will be expected to contribute to tasks outside of their job description. Some of these extra tasks you will enjoy and may be learning opportunities. Others tasks will not be so “glamorous” however, they will be necessary and your extra effort to take on additional tasks will not go unrecognized.

Honesty, trust, teamwork and a good sense of humor will go a long way in contributing to the culture at the Athentic Brewing Company.

Please check out the job positions listed below and apply by clicking on the link to upload your resume and cover letter.

*Free beer does not mean unlimited free beer. Just thought we should mention that.

Rolling applications!

  While we are fully staffed at this time, we are always looking for potential new members of our Athentic team! We love Athens and its ever-changing landscape and people, but that means we often have to say goodbye to staff members as they go on to their next adventure. Folks start as hosts and…

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