A membership card to Athentic Brewing Company allows you to skip the line when you come into the brewery and start your beer experience faster and more efficiently. Your card is already registered to your account and money can be preloaded. Permanent cards are free but limited in what they do. An Alliance card allows for more freedom.  Purchase here!

We are offering a special membership package for $25. While the permanent card is free, this paid package allows you to get a few perks prior to opening and allows you to set up your account early so that you can be ready to go day one. This will give the card owner:
– One free, limited edition shirt (mailed to you prior to opening or it may be picked up after opening in person)
– Invitation to our opening reception the night before our grand opening
– One sticker
– Introductory newsletter
– 10% discount on all merchandise bought with card
– Invitations to member only events (to occur once a quarter)
– Ability to pre-buy tickets (up to 2) for ticketed events
– The ability to be personally greeted by the beer wall with the name, or alter ego, of your choice

You may be wondering what these special member only events are. Well, these events change dates and styles but the first one is planned for October 2. This event will include:
– Industry expert to give a talk on beer
– Nibbles and beer provided by the brewery
– Light music
Other member only events will be similar in that there will be nibbles and beer but might be special beer release parties, shows, or other similar things. The point of this is to give back to our members and create a community of like minded individuals.