The New Google Postcard is Here – the Athentic Brewery is Somebody Now!!!

Mark holding google postcard

Believe it or not – for Google to officially recognize you as a business, they send you a post card in the mail to confirm your address. Somehow it seems like the ultimate oxymoron; for the one of the biggest tech companies in the world to rely on a postcard and U.S. mail service to confirm our address as a business.  Until you get the postcard you are essentially a nobody but after the postcard you instantaneously become a somebody. We wanted so badly to be a somebody.

As we started this process, we realized that we would need to activate mail service to the Athentic Brewery and then buy a mailbox. Geesh – why couldn’t we just go stand outside and wave at the Google satellites in orbit above the brewery.  Isn’t “big brother” watching everything?

Athentic Brewing Co. temporary mailbox
Our temporary mailbox

We temporarily attached a mailbox next to our front door at the brewery using shipping tape and then anxiously laid in wait for the Google postcard to arrive. Each day for weeks we checked the mailbox. Slowly lifting the lid and peering inside but nada, nothing, zilch, zip, zero.  Was Google playing with us – testing our resolve? Perhaps or maybe we just needed to try again, so we returned to the post office to confirm our mail service was activated and sent a reply email to Google to ask them to resend the postcard. After that, things improved. We started to receive mail but all of it was bills and junk mail.

Mark holding google postcard

Then one day, in the midst of demolition, I hear an eerie cry from the front of the brewery. Oh my God, has Mark electrocuted himself or even worse I thought.  I come running to the front of the brewery expecting to find Mark laid out on the floor but instead Mark rounds the corner with hands raised in the air – clenching tight in his fist – yes, you guessed it – the glorious postcard from Google while exclaiming “We are Somebody!!!”

Athentic Brewing Co. Google listing