Demo Day

Renovation of Athentic Brewing Co. property

Nothing get’s the blood pumping like the swing of a sledge hammer into a perfectly fine wall only to watch it tremble and eventually buckle under the onslaught. That is the essence of demo day. And it really gets exciting when Dawn says “watch this” as she takes a not so elegant leap towards a wall with a primal scream and extended leg. As the drywall dust settles, we find Dawn sprawled out on the floor wondering how she got there. No worries – she is fine, except for her ego.

Dawn kicking down a wall at Athentic Brewing Co.
Dawn kicking down a wall at Athentic Brewing Co.

As the walls and false ceiling come done and the carpet comes up, the facility begins to reveal its true potential as a production brewery and tasting room and it is awesome to behold.

As everything is de-constructed – we sort through all the materials trying to be thoughtful about what could potentially be reused once we start renovation, what could be donated and what could be recycled. It takes more time doing it this way, but we are glad to be good stewards of the materials and minimize the impact on the environment.

Dumpster at Athentic Brewing Co. during renovation

A few hidden clues were found along the way that eluded to the previous use of the building as a physical rehabilitation practice. The best was perhaps the guidebook on how to have sex after recovering from a back injury. After all that demo work – that came in quite handy (LOL). The original use of the building was for a printing company. We don’t know much about this early chapter of the building’s history but would be interested to learn more.

We are so grateful for all the great help from our friends and family during this demo phase. We crank the tunes and get into our rhythm with some people helping to tear things done, some sorting and some making trips back and forth to the dumpster. At end of each demo day – we are covered in dust but smiling ear to ear.



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