King Kush

Hazy IPA | 6.6%

Naming beers. The process normally starts with all of us at our weekly update meeting, bouncing ideas off each other in a circle. We love some puns, innuendos, references, alliteration, and it normally ends with us laughing about the names we come up with, sorta forgetting where the conversation even started. So what happens when you tell us that a beer was brewed on 4/20? 

King Kush happens. It’s a hazy IPA, juicier than juicy, and honestly we need a better word to describe this one. Lush? Plump? Smooth? Succulent? Imagine the juiciest IPA you’ve had and crank it all the way up. It’s off the charts. We get a little dab of papaya on first whiff with hella other tropical fruit notes on the nose. It goes down silky smooth with no strain on the palate. No coughing, ya poser. It’s got all the American C hops like Cashmere, Citra, Centennial, Cascade, and is dry-hopped to perfection. To be blunt, we’re proud of this one. We HIGHLY recommend. It’s TRANSCENDING.