Athentic Selfie Art Show Contest

Athentic Selfie Art Show

Athentic Brewing Company is excited to open Fall 2019. In celebration of our opening weekend, and first few months, we are sponsoring an art show called “Athentic Selfie.” This show is celebrating the authentic nature of our beer, our company values, and the people who make the community so great. Pictures can be oil, watercolor, pen and ink, acrylic, photos, collages, or other 2D art style. The theme is being authentic to yourself, therefore, art should be self portraits showing as little or as much of yourself as desired (we are a family centered place so, if you do a nude picture, please be tasteful. We reserve the right to reject any submission for any reason without refunding the entrance fee). Art may be done in any style. Figures do not have to be recognizable. Elements besides the self portrait may appear in the picture.

Prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place. There will also be a people’s choice award.Third place will be $25 credit added to your Athentic Alliance Card. Second place is $25 dollars and $25 credit added to your Athentic Alliance Card. First place is $50 dollars and $50 credit on your Athentic Alliance Card. All winners will also receive a free shirt. Judging will take place during the day on August 23. Winners will be announced at a Beertail party that night at the Brewery. Contestants who have submitted artwork to the contest are invited to attend this party. Attending the party is not required for winning. The people’s choice award will be voted on by attendees of the Beertail party the day before the opening. The winner of the popular vote will receive $25 credit on their Athentic Alliance Card and a t-shirt. Checks, where applicable, will be sent to the winners. Credit will be automatically applied to the card.

Artwork will be displayed from the opening to November 22. Pictures may not be picked up or removed prior to this time without prior approval. Starting November 22, artwork may be picked up by authorized persons until November 24th. After this time, all unclaimed artwork becomes property of Athentic Brewing Company.

Official Contest Rules

When submitting artwork for contest consideration, you agree to abide by the following rules.


No purchase needed in order to win. However, each submission must be accompanied by a $10 entrance fee.

Void Where Prohibited by Law

Age Requirement: All contestants MUST be age 21 or over at the time of entry.

Contest Entry Guidelines

No Copyright Infringement

All Entries Must be Submitted in Person to 108 Park Avenue, Athens, GA 30605

Do not leave the premises without checking in with your artwork with an actual person. We are not responsible for lost artwork.

When you check in, you will be supplied a small paper card. On this card, you will write your name, the name of your piece, and (if desired) contact information.

You must have a permanent card to enter. Membership is free and can be registered for on the day of submission. Or, you can purchase a special package now here.

There is no limit to how many entries each contestant can submit.

Each submission requires the payment of a $10 fee. This can be done through our store site on the website here.

Artwork must be submitted with the appropriate equipment installed to hang it on a wall. Any artwork that does not have this will be rejected and the entrance fee will not be returned.

Athentic Brewing Company is not responsible for any artwork that is damaged or lost during the show.

Other considerations

Keep in mind, the theme of the show is showcasing your Authentic Self. Therefore, we are looking for true, raw, and/or interesting self portraits.

Nudity is fine. However, it must be tasteful in nature.

The self portrait part of the picture does not have to be the main focus but must be somewhere in the picture.


Athentic Brewing Company Spring Tasting Event

Athentic Brewing Company Athens GA

Join us for our last “Tasting Event” as home brewers and celebration of our new beginning as Athens’ next commercial micro-brewery.

Athentic Brewing Company Beer and smoked meat will be provided. Bring a side dish, salad or dessert to share. This event is for families and well behaved dogs.

Athentic Brewing Company T-shirts will be on sale!

Cheers and Thank-You for your tremendous support!

The Story of ‘Bold Faced Rye’

Paul Skinner brewing Bold Face Rye

A Collaboration between Athentic Brewing Company and Akademia Brewing Company

Almost no one brews a Roggenbier style beer (at least very few commercial breweries) and there is a good reason. A true Roggenbier is a German Rye Beer that contains more than 50% rye malt, with the remainder of the grain bill including wheat malt and other specialty grains.  Rye is a distinctly unique grain known for its characteristic spiciness but is very difficult to brewbecause it is a huskless grain. When the rye malt is combined with warm water in the mashing process it becomes thick and nearly impenetrable. To offset this ‘sticky’ situation, rice hulls are added to provide structure and allow water to circulate through the grain bed.

Our original batch of ‘Bold Faced Rye’ was brewed for the 2017 Athens Homebrew Classic, basically because we were curious about this historical beer style and wanted to try something unusual. At that time, we were calling it ‘Requiem Rye’ but try saying that three time fast.  To our surprise, it won “Best of Show” meaning that the judges deemed it as the top beer at the competition. One of the awards was to have it brewed commercially by our friends at Akademia Brewing Company.

As excited as were to have our beer brewed by Akademia, we were a little afraid to tell Matt Casey (Owner) and Morgan Wireman (Brewmaster) just how difficult a brew day it was going to be and why we decided to dub it ‘Bold Faced Rye’. Fortunately, they were up for the challenge and thought the Roggenbier style would be an interesting addition to their regular line-up of beers.

The ‘Bold Faced Rye’ lived up to its name in every way including no less than 5 stuck sparges as we were circulating and clarifying the wort (vorlaufing) in the mash tun. Morgan used all his tricks to unplug the each stuck sparge, only to have it plug again and again. With additional help from Mac McMillan and Kerry Roberts, we prevailed and collected nearly 6 barrels of the Bold Faced Rye in the boil kettle. Once we got the wort to the fermentor, we added a large pitch of Weihenstephan Wheat Yeast and fermented at a lower temperature to impart a slight clove flavor to the beer.

After a couple weeks in the fermentor , it was ready to be kegged and served. Thanks to Matt Casey and Aaron Martin the ‘Bold faced Rye’ was distributed locally and within Georgia. The additional promotion from Dallas Duncan gave us a phenomenal response – especially for our first commercial batch. We could not be happier and forever will be grateful to all the folks at Akademia for helping to make this possible. Cheers!