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By supporting craft microbreweries, like Athentic Brewing Company, you are a true revolutionary! You want – no – dare I say, you demand more full-flavored beer, more beer choices and most importantly you insist that the beer you are drinking is brewed locally by small independent craft brewers.

A revolution is defined literally as a “turn around” and is typically a fundamental shift and sudden change in a new direction, often in the face of resistance. The rise of Craft Beer is and has been a revolution against the mass marketed dominance of the big national brands and the laws that prevent the little guys (microbreweries) from getting a fair shake.

We raise a pint and a resounding “Cheers!” to some of these inspiring figures in the revolution of craft beer:

Fritz Maytag

Maytag took a huge risk in 1965 when he purchased the then failing Anchor Brewing Company. He altered the traditional Anchor Steam Beer recipe and the complex brewing process, and in time the beer surged in popularity. As the brewery grew, Maytag helped competitors become proficient in microbrewing. Maytag won the 2008 James Beard Foundation’s Lifetime Achievement award for his work at Anchor Brewing.

Rich Doyle and Dan Kenary

The founders of Boston’s Harpoon Brewery set out to solve a simple problem in 1986; there wasn’t a beer that thrilled them in the pubs where they lived. After a trip abroad, they discovered the world of beer that was available to those who searched, and they decided to bring these different beers to Boston. They proved that innovation and experimentation would be rewarded in the craft beer industry.

John Maier

In May of 1989, Maier arrived in the small coastal town of Newport just in time to create brew number one at Rogue Brewery. 27 years and 20,000 brews later, John still rides his bike daily over the Yaquina Bay Bridge to the brewery where he continues to create innovative brews that have garnered international acclaim.

Brian “Spike” Buckowski and John Cochran

Buckowski and Cochran worked together at the Atlantic Brewing Company before partnering together to create the Terrapin Beer Company. In April 2002, they created and introduced Terrapin’s Rye Pale Ale at the Classic City Brew Fest in Athens, Georgia. In October of the same year, their Rye Pale Ale was awarded the American Pale Ale Gold Medal at the Great American Beer Festival, which put Terrapin on the craft beer map. They knew from the beginning they had something great and worked to see a dream fulfilled. Their passion inspired many of the Georgia brewers that we know today.

Nancy Palmer

Today’s craft beer revolution is led by no other than Georgia’s own Nancy Palmer, the Executive Director for the Georgia Craft Brewers’ Guild, who became the first woman to receive the F.X. Matt Defense of the Industry Award for her passion and tireless work to help modernize Georgia’s antiquated beer laws. Cheers to you Nancy for everything you do!

Who’s Next?

Who will be the next person to push the boundaries of the craft beer industry?  Just maybe you know this person or perhaps it might be you. The Athentic Brewing Company looks to the past to be inspired and looks to the future to be part of the next chapter in the craft beer industry.

Cheers to the Revolution!

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